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DevUtils 1.15: Multi-window, cURL to Code, SVG to CSS, and more!

Hello everyone! 👋 Tony here 😄
I have just released DevUtils 1.15 🎉 Here is a quick tour of the new features (with many GIFs!)

DevUtils 1.15
DevUtils 1.15
🪟 Multi-window Support
You can now open multiple windows of DevUtils! More power! 🥳
To open a new window:
  • Right-click → Open in New Window
  • Use ⌘N keyboard shortcut
Open multiple DevUtils windows
Open multiple DevUtils windows
➿ cURL to Code
Convert cURL bash command to code. Support the following languages:
JavaScript, NodeJS (Fetch, Axios, Request), Java, Go, PHP, Python, Rust, R, JSON, MATLAB, Ansible, CFML, Dart, Elixir.
🖼️ SVG to CSS background
Convert SVG to CSS background-image property easily.
Support 2 encoding options:
  • URL Encode
  • Base64 Encode
You can also preview the output in DevUtils.
SVG to CSS background
SVG to CSS background
📖 Cheat Sheet in RegExp
A regular expression cheat sheet is added in the RegExp Tester tool.
Stay tuned for more cheat sheets to be added to the future version of DevUtils! 😄
Look up RegExp special characters in Cheat Sheet.
Look up RegExp special characters in Cheat Sheet.
🎲 Improved Random String Generator
You can now specify group size to have the string split into multiple groups.
Improved Random String Generator
Improved Random String Generator
💅 Other fixes and changes
🐛 Fixed
  • Fixed a number format issue in the Color Converter tool.
  • Fixed auto-detect behavior: if no matching tool is detected, the app now shows the previously selected tool.
  • Fixed DevUtils’s menu bar icon not showing correctly on external screens.
  • Fixed the group setting gear icon not clickable when the sidebar is too wide.
  • Fixed “Check for Updates…” menu item incorrectly disabled in the status bar menu.
🔎 Changes
  • Change the website address from to in various places in the app.
  • Rename “Delete” to “Ungroup” in the group menu items.
  • The fuzzy search option in the Preferences… panel is removed.
👋 That's all for now!
You can update the app right now by right-clicking the DevUtils menu → Check for Updates. I hope you like this update!
Anything you want to be added in the following versions? Let me know by reply to this email 😊
See you in the next one.
Have a great weekend! Cheers!
- Tony
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