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HTML → JSX, JSON Path, and more in DevUtils 1.10.0

New tools and many improvements in the version 1.10.0. Now ready for update!

Convert HTML to JSX for use in React, just 1 click away.
Convert HTML to JSX
Convert HTML to JSX
⚡️ JSON path
JSON path is a convenient way to extract information from your JSON. You can now use JSON paths in DevUtils with the textbox below the output!
The JSON path syntax is also embedded for quick reference, yay!
Filter JSON with JSON path
Filter JSON with JSON path
📃 Parse JSON from logs/stream
Getting annoyed when trying to format a JSON string from logs? They are line separated and will show as “Invalid JSON” if we try to parse it.
An example JSON logs
An example JSON logs
DevUtils now does parse JSON logs automatically! This is a perfect combination and works perfectly with the JSON path filter feature!
🔎 Improved Search
Quickly search your tool and press Tab (or Enter) to highlight the first search result. Start typing to search for another!
Improved Search
Improved Search
The tool name/description matching algorithm is also improved to return better results!
✨ Redesigned Preferences Panel
Better organized and beautiful Preferences Panel!
Preferences Panel
Preferences Panel
👀 And more!
Some more improvements and fixes in this version:
  • JSON Format/Validate tool now automatically unescaped UTF-8 strings (e.g., “\u00b0C” now show as “°C”).
  • Fixed JSON Formatter tool shows incorrect number precision when the “Sort keys” option is enabled.
  • The Base64 Encode/Decode tool now automatically strips off the last null bytes in the decoded string. You can disable this behavior in the gear icon setting panel.
As usual, you can see the full changelog at
🎉 That's all for now!
Thank you for reading and have a great day!
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