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What's new in DevUtils 1.9.0?

👋 Hello everyone! I am very pleased to announce the first issue of our newsletter that will deliver information about new features, updates, and tips for
Today, I’m releasing version 1.9.0 with a lot of new features and improvements. Check it out! 👇

What's new in 1.9.0?
What's new in 1.9.0?
📝 Convert JSON to CSV
One of the most requested feature in DevUtils is finally here:
Convert JSON to CSV
Convert JSON to CSV
JSON to CSV is a simple tool to convert a structured JSON array into a comma-separated values file (CSV). DevUtils has a lot of options for you to customize the output:
  • Customize quote and escaped quote character
  • Include or hide the header row
  • Include or hide empty rows
  • Use excel data format
JSON to CSV convert options
JSON to CSV convert options
📝 CSV to JSON (it always come in pairs!)
Convert CSV to JSON
Convert CSV to JSON
CSV to JSON allows you to… well, convert CSV to JSON! It supports a few important options like swaps column/row and ignores the header row, which comes very handy in some cases.
CSV to JSON convert options
CSV to JSON convert options
🧮 Hash Generator
You can now generate a hash with popular hash algorithms from a string or an input file with DevUtils.
Hash Generator in DevUtils
Hash Generator in DevUtils
Currently, the supported hash algorithms are MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512.
There is a plan to add more cryptography tools to DevUtils (e.g., HMAC signing). Stay tuned!
🔍 Change font size is possible now!
Just use ⌘+, ⌘- to increase/decrease font size, ⌘0 to reset font size. Or you can have fun and change the font to anything with ⌘T.
Change font size in DevUtils
Change font size in DevUtils
💣 Big inputs/files handled!
Big inputs are now handled correctly (instead of crashing). You will be able to format a JSON file that is megabytes or even gigabytes (depends on how good your machine is).
For big files, DevUtils will not render the content to the UI. Instead, it will be processed and saved in the background.
Handle big files
Handle big files
🔨 Many more improvements
Other than the new features, there are many more improvements and fixes in this release.
  • HTML Preview: added “Open in browser” button
  • Added “Save to file…” to the right-click menu
  • Added option to minify the output of the YAML to JSON tool
  • Fixed the CSS Beautify/Minify tool not working correctly with CSS variables and media queries.
  • Fixed the encode/decode tools not persisting the user-selected option across app restarts
For a complete list, you can check out the changelog page.
💡 DevUtils tip #1
You can access the DevUtils menu by right-clicking the status bar icon! This will be convenient if you choose to hide DevUtils’ Dock icon. The reason is that the App menu won’t appear when the Dock icon is hidden.
⬆️ Available for update now!
You can now update DevUtils to version 1.9.0 now by going to DevUtils Menu > Check for Updates… or update via App Store and Setapp.
💸 One last thing: 30-day refund policy!
If you haven’t bought DevUtils yet, I have an announcement for you: Starting from today, the refund policy is extended to 30 days (previously was 14 days).
Please give it a try. I’m confident that it will worth every of your penny. If you don’t like it after 30 days? I will refund, no question asked. Buy DevUtils here.
🎬 That's it!
What do you like about this release? What would you like to see more in the next one? I only send this newsletter on big updates, so I want to make every letter counts.
Please let me know, just reply to this email, and I’ll be in touch! Also, you can follow me on Twitter @devutils_app / @tdinh_me, I post updates more regularly there.
Thank you for reading this far and see you again in the next release!
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